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Photos from Ethiopian New Year 2006 : Global Family Initiative

Photos from Ethiopian New Year 2006

The Ethiopian calendar is much different from ours. It has twelve 30-day months, and a five- or six-day “special” month at the end. Ethiopia’s tourism tagline, 13 Months of Sunshine, plays off this.

New Year’s Day is called Enkutatash (እንቁጣጣሽ), which means “gift of jewels” in Amharic. It usually falls on September 11, or on September 12 in leap years. The country celebrates the date with special traditions, one of which is wearing brand new clothes.

This Enkutatash, marking the beginning of the year 2006 on the Ethiopian calendar, our families participated in this tradition, which represents a clean slate for the coming year.

As you look through these photos, we ask you to remember that a little over a year ago, these children had very little hope for the future. Now, thanks to Betasab, they are excelling in school, are in superb health, and serve as vital members of their community.

Please consider giving us a donation to mark this happy occasion.

Thank you again for your support! This celebration would not have happened without your generosity.

Betasab Enkutatesh 2006 - 01

Betasab Enkutatesh 2006 - 02

Betasab Enkutatesh 2006 - 07

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