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Betasab kids in “friendly” soccer match : Global Family Initiative

Betasab kids in “friendly” soccer match

Our kids at The Betasab Project paid a visit to Don Bosco’s Children’s Village this Saturday to take on their fellow former orphans and street children in a “friendly” soccer match. The Betasab team, decked out in special red uniforms, emerged victorious, 1-0; however, the day was more notable for the new friends and the memories made on both sides of the ball.

Recreation is a key component of our holistic approach, giving kids the opportunity to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle – and, in circumstances like this one, to form new bonds. $10/month covers the cost of recreation for one child; if you’d like to give our children the opportunity to engage in events like this in the future, we hope you’ll consider making a monthly donation.

Your gift will go toward our The Math Makes Sense campaign. And, if you give on behalf of a loved one, an anonymous donor will match half of your total. (Just fill out the form after you check out.)

Below are a few pictures of Saturday’s event!

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