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Betasab is now The Global Family Initiative : Global Family Initiative

Betasab is now The Global Family Initiative

Dear Friends,

We have great news! Over the last eighteen months, we’ve shared success stories from Betasab’s work in Addis Ababa: orphans thriving in their new homes, outcast women now accepted by the community, unorthodox families celebrating the traditions of Ethiopian life.

Since its launch in May 2012, Betasab has exceeded our wildest expectations. We are particularly proud that eight of our 17 school-aged children placed in the top three of their classes this past year. These children would not have had access to education – and the chance to excel – had they remained in an orphanage or on the street.

Today, we are pleased to announce an expansion of our vision.

Betasab will now become a part of a new nonprofit: The Global Family Initiative. The GFI’s mission is to empower orphaned children and vulnerable women in developing countries through access to education, healthcare, and families.

Our first endeavor – which we’ll continue to call The Betasab Project – has given 21 orphaned children and six vulnerable women the means to a secure future. We have also created jobs for five talented staff members and given educational access to over 45 children who would otherwise not go to school due to their extreme poverty.

Our rebranding will allow us to spread this rewarding model to other areas throughout the world, all under one umbrella: The Global Family Initiative.

The GFI and The Betasab Project are funded entirely through donations from supporters like you. We ask you to consider a gift to mark this exciting occasion.

Claudia, Nick, Keith, Jeff, and I are so grateful for all of the support you’ve given us, and we’re excited to address the problems facing orphaned children and vulnerable women on a much broader scale. We hope you’ll join us in taking the initiative.

Sincerely yours,
Eric signature

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