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Origins Sponsorship Program : Global Family Initiative

Origins Sponsorship Program

Keep the sun shining for an origins child today!

Become a Sponsor


Why join GFI’s Betasab project and keep the sun shining?

Blen Hands
Well, one reason is so that Blen, here pictured, can continue stretching! We’re all about future, and sponsorships address the needs of the whole child, allowing growth.

Children need a lot of care.  They need food and shelter and a good education to live.  But one of the most important things they need to really thrive is love and the support of knowing that they matter.  Being a sponsor to a Betasab Global Family Initiative child helps create a network of care for children who need a little extra encouragement, friendship and love. But, also:


Your child gets to be part of a new, permanent family, with a mother, aunties and siblings. Families are at the core of GFI’s mission because they provide love and stability.


Firewoyni food
Your child lives in a modern home in the Lafto area of Addis Ababa, where it is safe and quiet.  The homes are integrated into the neighborhood, which creates an even stronger sense of community.


Your child goes to a local, private school, and receives after-school tutoring and enrichment activities. In addition, GFI’s multinational volunteer community provides extra support and varied expertise.


Your child receives healthy, balanced meals cooked by a loving mother and aunty.


Your child receives prompt and excellent medical care from professionals.

Social and Emotional Well Being

Betasab has a trained social worker on staff and we regularly consult with school staff and psychologists to provide group and individualized psychosocial care.

The good news: your money can go a remarkably long way! For instance, here’s what your sponsorship can provide:

Ally: nutritious food for an Origins child
Humanitarian: school tuition, in addition to food
Luminary: food, school tuition, but also recreation, medication, a savings account, and clothing
Benefactor: funding for an entire Betasab Origins home


Ready to learn about the levels of sponsorship and join us by simply clicking either the yearly or monthly option at the desired level? Here are the details!

Level of Sponsorship
Monthly/Yearly cost
What can this amount purchase?


Our base sponsorship. As an ally, you’re a sustaining member of the Betasab family.


This gift could cover the cost of nutritious food for an Origins child.

As a humanitarian level giver, you cover about a third of the total expense for caring for an Origins child.
In addition to what’s covered by the ally level, the humanitarian level could provide school tuition for an Origins child.


As a luminary level sponsor, you provide holistically for your child.


Full sponsorship of an Origins child, including the above levels and recreation, medication, a savings account, and clothing.

Benefactors sponsor all of the costs associated with one of Betasab’s Origins group homes.
Full support of one of our Origins homes.


Become a Sponsor

Please email us with any questions.