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Global Family Initiative



The GFI - Betasab girls at school


The Global Family Initiative is a nonprofit organization empowering orphaned children and vulnerable women in developing countries through access to education, healthcare, and families. Our first venture is The Betasab Project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


the organization

What we do:

  • Create permanent family homes for orphans.
  • Support at-risk children in their communities and homes so that they can stay in school.
  • Give local women the opportunity to take control of their lives through empowerment initiatives.

Being a part of the Betasab project of the Global Family Initiative means: health, nutrition, safety from harm, nurturing, and access to good education. We build capacity in individuals by providing them the tools and environment to succeed.

the mission

To provide orphaned and vulnerable children with a safe and secure family-like life in a group home setting and to support local community development through education and empowerment of vulnerable children and marginalized women, improving the economic well-being of the community through sustainable models of capacity building.

the vision

To see every vulnerable child and marginalized woman in Ethiopia getting access to standards of living adequate to attaining the full potential of their physical, mental, moral and spiritual, and social development.

the goal

To improve the social and economic conditions of vulnerable children and women through intensive intervention, care and support in order to facilitate them becoming productive, self-reliant citizens.

the core values

Every child deserves a family, a safe home, an education, freedom from abuse and want, and to receive the benefits of living in a thriving local community. Communities benefit from opportunities for individuals, families and groups to develop their ideas and talents to the maximum potential.


Here’s GFI’s launch video!



Our first project is the Betasab Project, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. For more on the context and background of GFI’s Betasab Project, please visit our Projects page.

And please remember: we’re funded in large part through the generosity of friends like you. Click below to make a gift, or visit our Donation page to see the impact your investment will have.